It's finally time to get your book written.

Ready to stop talking about it and actually do it? This course is for you.

The biggest problem with writing a book is... writing the book! It’s time-consuming and a chore.

Let me guess: you question whether the content you have is any good. Or the passion you have for your book idea doesn't translate onto the page. You have so much to say, but as soon as you sit down to write, you draw a blank.

Book Writing Masterclass will provide you the structure and guidance you're looking for to get your words onto paper and, ultimately, out into the world. This course will walk you through the book outline process and help you to define your ideal reader, create a book launch plan and, most importantly, get your first draft done!

Who this program is for

This program is for entrepreneurs and experts who have a message or knowledge that can change other people’s lives, businesses or environment – and who are ready to give value to their clients through a book.

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What you will learn

The course is broken down into 6 easy-to-follow modules that will allow you to powerfully and confidently complete the first draft of your book in 6 weeks.

We'll begin with the Rapid Results Outline, a tool that our clients say has made the most impact on their book writing process. Next, we'll get clarity on your ideal reader. Who are they, what is their pain point, what keeps them up at night, and what answers are they seeking that you will answer for them in your book?

Next, the module on storytelling is our favorite! We share a storytelling architecture, provide a simple formula for sharing case studies and, most importantly, we show you how to share your story in a way that moves others, and why that is such a necessary and valuable component of book writing.

With our simple writing hacks, we share our strategies to get through writer's block and overcome resistance, along with tips to conquer all the pitfalls in the creative writing process! We provide the tools you need to help get your manuscript to the finish line.

Wondering what actions to take after your book is written? We'll walk you through a book launch plan and next steps. At the end of this course, we cover editing, pre-production and publishing.

Book Writing Masterclass has everything you need to get your first draft written with speed and ease, and craft a plan to get it out into the world.

In this course, you will get access to

  • 6 training modules that walk you through the steps of writing and publishing your book

  • Each training module includes video lessons, written content and handouts to support you throughout the 6-week process

  • Access to library of group coaching recordings to plan, write and publish your non-fiction book

  • Facebook group support with other participants to keep you accountable

  • Lifetime access to Book Writing Masterclass materials


  • How do I know if this course is for me?

    This course is for you if you have always wanted to write a book, but have never known where to start.

  • What is the time commitment for this course?

    Expect to get the first draft of your book written in this 6-week program. We provide the method and step-by-step support, and it's up to you to commit to getting the words down on paper.

  • What if I get stuck?

    We provide group support, weekly check-ins, live calls and access to private support sessions to ensure your success!

  • When does the next course begin?

    You have access to the modules as soon as you register.

  • How much does the course cost?

    $997. You can pay in full at enrollment or choose to pay in 3 installments.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Karen Rowe

    Karen Rowe

    Hi, I’m Karen. I’m a #1 International Bestselling author, and run a full-service writing firm. I turn business owners into authors and establish them as experts in their industry. I specialize in developing professionally written and designed non-fiction books done-for-you. Specifically, I am known for helping business owners get their books written in three days or less. I love getting the story out of the client’s head and into the reader’s hands where it belongs.

What clients have to say

Author of Jumping the Queue: Achieving Great Things Before You’re Ready

Michelle Turman

Author of Jumping the Queue: Achieving Great Things Before You’re Ready

Before I got started with Karen, I was completely disorganized with my thoughts, had all these wonderful ideas in my head and had the big goal of wanting to write my first book. But it sat and sat and I did snippets here and snippets there.

After working with Karen, everything became clearer, from the focus of the book to the topics to who the Ideal Reader would be. If you are even considering writing a book and you don’t know where to start, I would encourage you to call Karen.
Author of The Me Factor: Your Systematic Guide to Getting What the Hell You Want 

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Author of The Me Factor: Your Systematic Guide to Getting What the Hell You Want 

I’ve had this book floating around in my mind for easily 15 years and I’ve been struggling to get it done. It’s been so hard to find the time. Karen was able to get me started and show me how to organize it. Well worth the time, effort and money. I am so happy and thankful to Karen for getting this book out of me after all this time.
Pharmacist, CEO of PHASCO Health

Patrick Rurka

Pharmacist, CEO of PHASCO Health

I’ve spent time brainstorming and collaborating with Karen on how to put all my thoughts from the past 20 years as a pharmacist into a book to share my message. Karen did a fantastic job of helping me articulate what that really looks like. Now I have my first draft and there is no way I would have been able to do that alone.

By the end of this 6-week course, you will have

  • A clear plan for writing your book

  • An initial first draft written

  • An A-Z roadmap for editing your book and hiring professionals

  • Action steps for publishing your book

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If you are ready to take the leap and finally get your book written, now's the time.

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